A Miracle in the Making…


I have the most wonderful news! Our pediatric oncologist called us this evening to share a most hopeful update. He started by saying that some of the test results have been very strange, not at all what he and the team had expected.

The initial biopsy results, from samples taken during the first surgery, had indicated Ependymoma. A nightmare of a diagnosis. We had been told that this was an incredibly stubborn tumour, extremely difficult to treat, and having a high rate of recurrence. The prognosis after failing to achieve a complete resection (removal of the tumour), was not good.

We were heartbroken at the bleak outlook, and yet never lost sight of hope. We know that we serve a mighty God. We believe that He is able to restore that which is broken, whether that be a grief-stricken heart, a shattered life, or in our case a very sick little boy.

We boldly asked people to pray for a miracle that would defy all medical understanding. Specifically, we asked for prayer that the tumour would simply not be there when Ethan has his MRI on Monday. We believed 100% that God was able to grant this miracle, and prayed in faith for Ethan’s healing.

Ethan’s doctor shared tonight, that the team feels Ethan’s initial diagnosis may have been wrong. The biopsy sample was very small, and had led the pathologist to believe that we were dealing with Ependymoma. The tumour itself, a much larger sample of tissue, has been under scrutiny by a team of pathologists since Ethan’s surgery two weeks ago. It now seems probable that we are not dealing with Ependymoma after all, but with a different type of cancer altogether.

This other cancer, Ganglioglioma, is a far less dangerous disease. While still a malignant tumour, it is much more responsive to treatment. There are proven drugs that can be used in fighting the disease. There is even the possibility that if enough of the tumour was removed, we might be able to safely enter a period of observation, without the need for any further treatment whatsoever.

A true miracle in the making.

To be clear. This news is probable, but not confirmed. The pathogists at McMaster are fairly certain that we are dealing with Ganglioglioma, but because there was an initial discrepancy, they are sending tissue samples to Sick Kids in Toronto for a third opinion. Our team will not take chances when the life of a child is at stake.

The doctor commented that this is all very strange. In response, I shared with him that we have thousands of people praying for Ethan, all over the world.

“I wondered if you did,” he said.

I do not know whether our doctor shares our faith, but I am sure of this… He has seen miracles throughout his career. Times when the outcomes defy medical understanding. He has told us as much.

We believe in miracles. 100%. We have experienced a miracle before, in the circumstances surrounding the birth of our baby girl. Tonight, we are trusting that this hope for healing, indeed for life itself, will be God’s truth for our precious boy. A miracle for today.

Please continue to intercede for Ethan. That the pathologists at Sick Kids will find that Ethan’s tumour is not Ependymoma, as initially feared. That all cancerous cells, of whatever kind, can be safely and effectively removed from his body. That he will live a long and healthy life. That Ethan will glorify God by sharing his story of healing and grace. That people will recognize and acknowledge the power of prayer. That lives would be changed for eternity.

Thank you for loving us, for your kindness to us, and for your prayers. Each of you has helped to carry us at a time when we have not been strong enough to stand on our own.

Much love and big hugs,

The McPhersons


58 thoughts on “A Miracle in the Making…

  1. Thank you sooo very much for the update… Ethan has been in my prayers since your first post asking for prayer… our Lord I believe has heard all these prayers coming to him on behalf of Ethan and your family… may our Lord continue to heal Ethan. Yes I realize Ethan will need chemo and maybe radiation treatment… but he is so strong, he must have gotten that from mom & dad… God bless you all. Prayers will continue each day from my home for Ethan and the McPherson family!!!

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  2. Best thing I have read in a very long time. So happy that your family has this reason for hope and (God willing) rejoicing. Will continue to pray for Ethan and your family, although I honestly can say I’ve never prayed for a kid to have Ganglioglioma before 🙂 Your individual and combined strengths are truly an inspiration. Love u guys!

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  3. Praise God that the news for your family appears more optimistic. I look at the pictures of Ethan and see a happy child who, in the midst of his illness, is still smiling. I pray God will heal him completely while making it obvious to the healthcare professionals that our God is the God of miracles. I am over joyed for Ethan and your family.

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  4. The Great Physician

    With human hands the doctor works, to heal his patient’s pain
    but God performs the miracles no doctor can explain.
    No mortal in this earthly realm will ever find the cure
    for all the ills that plague the world, of that we can be sure.
    But God can make a cripple walk and make a blind man see
    and He can heal the deepest hurt that touches you or me.
    How awesome is the God we serve whose power far outweighs
    the knowledge learned by mortal men and only He displays.
    A man may study medicine to benefit mankind
    but God is the Physician and healing His design.
    This vessel is not who we are, it’s but an outer shell
    and doctored men of medicine cannot make all things well.
    True healing is in God alone for He can touch the soul
    and it is there that He begins to make the body whole.
    So when you feel like giving up, and all you’ve tried has failed
    cast your cares upon the cross, where Jesus love was nailed.
    He loves you with a lasting love and waits for you to call
    to ask Him to live in your heart, to catch you when you fall.
    Once invited in your life, He’ll never leave your side
    and when your time on earth is through with Him you will abide.
    Jesus suffered on the cross to open Heaven’s door
    to break the bond of sin and death so man would fear no more
    Trials and sorrows you will face, but with you He will stay,
    God promised to meet all your needs, on Resurrection day.


  5. Praise the Lord! I just prayed AGAIN – and may you be strengthened and encouraged through all of this, and may God’s name be glorified as others watch His mighty hands at work in Ethan’s life. Praise His name through all things – in all circumstances – always! And one day, every tear and all suffering truly will be removed from our lives – forever! So happy for your encouraging news!

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    1. Yes, we will continue to praise His glorious name for all He has done, and all He will continue to do. Praying that Ethan will live a long and healthy life, and will share his story of healing with many and that lives will be changed! xo

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  6. Words cannot express the feelings we had when we spoke with Trevor last night. As the tears rolled down my cheeks I was so thankful for anything and everyone who was responsible for these results. No one could have given us better news than this. Thank you for sharing this great news with us when it seems all we’ve been hearing is sad news. It’s amazing the support you’ve had as you’ve been going through this but this is the same kind of support you have always given to others. Our thoughts, our hearts and our prayers are with Ethan, you, Trevor and the rest of the family. Hugs and love to all of you. xoxo

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  7. Praise God!! We serve a mighty God who can move mountains and heal Ethan. We will continue to pray, but truly is wonderful news and hope for everyone that miracles do exist. Stay strong because you are all being lifted up in prayer and love.

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  8. I am so happy to hear this news and feel that it is evidence of the power of positive thinking – especially with so many people in Ethan’s and in your family’s corner. I know that many of Cheryl’s colleagues at Cameron, me among them, are praying for Ethan and following his progress… that’s not going to stop! Big hugs to all your family!

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    1. Thank you, Sue! Please share, as I know you will, with all the sweet and caring people who have been praying for us on Sundays. Hopefully many will be encouraged to hear that modern day miracles do happen. Much love ❤


  9. I do believe in miracles!! And that God is hearing our prayers!! I just want to wrap my arms around that boy!!! I’ve said it all along that he is a true warrior!!! Stay strong Ethan!! You have an army of prayer warriors behind you, God and your family beside you and you will be victorious!!!! Love and hugs to all of you!! 💕💕💕💕💕

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  10. We too believe and have proof of the power of prayer.
    Continuing to pray, that the Drs at Sick kids have positive results.
    Keep strong little Buddy! 🙏🙏🙏

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  11. Thank you for update. I was thinking about him Thursday and wanting update. Praying for Ethan. I prayed last night that the people I know would have a miracle even if it was one for all. This was it. Praying for Ethan and your family and rejoicing,
    Monica Thompson

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  12. My heart is leaping with joy! Prayers of thanksgiving and praise are flowing from my lips as I read this!! Lord, we thank You and praise You! We continue to stand firm in faith, knowing You are moving.. Amen and Amen

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    1. Sweet Janet, as always I am thankful for the deep love that God has planted in your heart for others. I am thankful for your continued prayers, and that we can rejoice together in His goodness! Much love.


  13. AMEN! and AMEN again!! Praising the Great Physician, our Healer, our God. Will continue praying and am passing this on to several other praying friends. Caring through Christ, ~ linda

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  14. Wow. My son and I felt our faith renewed tonight. Following and praying for Ethan has saved more than you know. Thank you for sharing your family’s story and bravely asking us to pray for a miracle. Your faith has shone through. Praying for good news Monday

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    1. How amazing to know that God will take something as horrible as childhood cancer and redeem it in so many beautiful ways. I am thankful to hear that you feel your faith being renewed. He is a good God. He is love. His plans are to prosper us and not to harm us. Much love to you and your son!


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