The Morning After Surgery…


As I look out the window of our ICU room this morning, the sun is shining brightly and the maple trees are beginning to turn a most beautiful shade of golden orange. A welcome change from grey skies and rainy days. Perhaps a gift for today, to lighten the burden we are facing.

Ethan’s neurosurgeon told us that the surgery went well. That he believes he was able to remove most of the tumour. Some had to be left behind because of the way it had grown so closely around some critical ventricles in his brain. Attempting to remove more may have subjected Ethan to permanent damage.

An MRI is the only way to confirm how much of the tumour remains. Once that information has been obtained, the team will be able to decide how best to proceed.

Thank you to those of you who prayed that the MRI machine would be repaired. We just returned now from having those images taken. It did not happen in the time frame we had hoped for, but perhaps there is a reason for the delay that is beyond our understanding.

Please pray for wisdom for Ethan’s doctors. That they will be able to accurately assess his condition based on the MRI images, and develop an effective treatment plan.

Please also continue to pray for Ethan’s recovery from surgery. Although he initially seemed to be doing well, his condition overnight and this morning has us worried. He had a mild fever overnight, as well as intermittent vomiting, despite being on medication for nausea. Some of that is to be expected after such a traumatic surgery.

However, it has also become increasingly difficult to get Ethan to respond. He will wiggle his toes and fingers when asked to do so, but it takes a lot of convincing for him to open his eyes. As of about 2 am, he was no longer responding verbally at all, however did whisper a “No” just now, when Trevor asked him if he was experiencing any pain. That certainly brought a smile to both of our faces.

As a parent, it is so difficult to see Ethan struggling this way. Especially when it seems there is so little we can do to help.

When I was praying for him this morning, I cried out to the Lord that this was too much for me. Too much for Trevor and the other kids. And definitely too much for Ethan. I sensed Him reminding me of the words of Isaiah 41:10,

“Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

I will hold onto those words as my truth for today. I have no choice, really. I am not strong enough to endure this nightmare on my own. I will trust in His faithfulness to provide the strength He has promised, and to uphold me at this time when I need Him most.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for praying for Ethan and for our family. For those of you who do not share our faith, we understand. Thank you for being here to love and support us. Thank you for having the grace to let us be who we are, a family who trusts and loves our heavenly Father, even in the midst of a situation that defies all understanding.

Deepest gratitude and much love,

The McPhersons


22 thoughts on “The Morning After Surgery…

  1. Thank you for taking the time to update us. It is so helpful to know specific prayer needs. Your faith is evident. Even in the darkest of days the light of the Lord shines brightly all around you. Love you ❤

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  2. I came across your story shared by a friend on Facebook. I have a fourteen year old son, and can’t imagine going through with him what you are going through with Ethan. Yet I know that the Lord is faithful and holds Ethan and your family in his hands. Praying for you and with you. Thank you for the update.

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  3. But now, this is what the Lord says—
    he who created you, Jacob,
    he who formed you, Israel:
    “Do not fear, for I have redeemed you;
    I have summoned you by name; you are mine.
    2 When you pass through the waters,
    I will be with you;
    and when you pass through the rivers,
    they will not sweep over you.
    When you walk through the fire,
    you will not be burned;
    the flames will not set you ablaze.

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  4. Oh Cindy….I can’t imagine this as a mama. Thank you for taking the time in this journey to share Ethan’s updates with us. It really helps in praying specifically for his needs. I also pray that your faith will carry you, that His arms will wrap around you bringing comfort and that His still small voice will speak directly into your heart the words you need. ❤️ ((Hugs))

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  5. You all have been in my prayers for two days. Even prayed yesterday morning when I didn’t know his surgery was actually happening then. As I prayed for your whole family, I saw birds sitting on the very top of very tall trees near our house, and I heard “birds eye view”. I prayed that you all, and he, will see things from a very high view, that most of us don’t see by. The world looks so different from up there. We see a broader picture from there. I had brain surgery myself last December and a tumor removed, and slept SO much afterwards. We prayed so much and so many praying with us, and we saw prayers answered. Your Ethan is on my heart to pray for, and definitely for you, mom. I remember being thankful it was me and not one of my kids because that would be hard. So I pray for you and your family too. That all will be ok. ❤️

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  6. Cindy and Trevor, my heart breaks for you, as I cannot imagine the pain you are experiencing watching Ethan go through this very difficult time. No one can understand the love a parent has for their child until they face the raging storms of life. I pray that you will be comforted by the knowledge that our heavenly Father, has a deeper, wider and higher love for Ethan than is humanly possible. Ethan is His child! I am trusting that the Lord will carry him through because He is more than able! I will be praying that you and your family are surrounded by His love, His protection and His peace.

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  7. Praying for Ethan and your family. Our boys 12 and 13 also daily praying for Ethan. May the Lord sustain you all through this trial, our ever faithful saviour.

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  8. Ethan and your family will remain in my thoughts and prayers. And as I thank God for his many blessings this weekend in particular I will thank him for Ethan, for you for sharing you story to help others, for his many friends and those who support your family, for all the hospital workers medical and non medical, for the many volunteers. May God grant you comfort and peace and my all his blessings of love and care shine on Ethan

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  9. Lord, thank You for holding this precious family in Your strong arms. May they know that You are carrying them through each second of each minute. The weakness that is felt is when You show Your Strength and Power. Thank You for guiding the surgeons and all those involved in the surgery. Give them wisdom in all they do for Ethan. Your tender touch upon Ethan through these days and nights is a comfort to all. Thank You, Father, for loving them, each and all. I pray in the Name of Jesus. Amen.

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  10. I found you on FB and was startled when I read that you were local. Today I read parts of your blog to my kids (a son and three daughters, 15, 13, 11 and 8) and we prayed for Ethan and your family. When we read this post, with the scripture, we realized that a song often listened to around our house, in anxious moments late at night, uses the same scripture. It’s really beautiful and we wanted you to hear. Maybe even play for Ethan when he is worrying. We’ll keep praying!~The Kents in Caledonia

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    1. What a beautiful song! This so encouraged my heart this morning after a bit of a rough night. At first, I felt badly that it had been so long since I have been on the blog to approve and respond to messages, but God’s timing is never wrong, and I especially needed to hear that song this morning! Thank you for praying for our family. It truly gives us peace knowing that so many are praying for us.
      Blessings! xo


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